The Nikon SLR-system is and always has been unique. This short and simple statement sums up a camera system and its manufacturer's philosophy which for the professional and commited amateur has provided access to a system of limitless possibilities and features. No photographic situation or task, however difficult, could not be accomplished with the flexible, not to say adaptable Nikon equipment. The Nikon SLR-system stood and stands for reliability in any situation without exemption - in professional photography, for example in tough on-the-spot reporting that might best be described as a form of ''infighting'', in fast-moving sports photography with the longest telephoto lenses, in severe cold that tends to put the photographer out of action before his equipment, as well as in scientific applications with their own special demands. For the professional who must master his daily assignments to the satisfaction of his clients, his Nikon is an indispensable neccessity.

Demonstrating tradition as well as innovation
Demonstrating tradition as well as innovation:
the Nikon bayonet has ensured compatibility
throughout the decades right into the autofokus era.

If a professional takes this approach why shouldn`t the ambitious amateur photographer, and also take advantage of the proverbial Nikon quality, the technical advantages, and the much-praised robustness for his purposes? Especially since his position differs only in one basic point from that of the pro: the latter has to earn his living with his camera while the amateur photographer can work free of the pressures of assignments without having to justify himself to anybody. That does not mean that he should be satisfied with anything less than his professionally orientated colleague. The dedicated pursuit of photography as a hobby in one`s spare time is just as demanding of a modern camera system`s features and possibilities which must ensure easy and reliable operation in every respect.High-sounding phrases? Admittedly, yes - but they represent reality and need not be proven here. Countless photographers around the world, from the professional side as well as from the army of hobbyists are living proof of this.

What could be a clearer confirmation for a supplier like Nikon than the customers` decision in favour of Nikon products? The Nikon system, of which the foundation was laid in 1959 with the legendary and trend-setting Nikon F - numerous examples of which continue to stand up to their daily tasks even today - has been refined and advanced throughout the more than three decades that have passed since then.

Always being aimed at the needs of its users and constantly being adapted to the latest possibilities offered by technology, a large family of cameras has emerged which have one thing in common besides their individual qualities. This is an unsurpassed consistency in terms of compatibility of the whole system to this very day. Even the advent of automatic focusing, which wasn`t invented by Nikon in its presently realised form although they contributed decisively to its development, propagation and constant improvement, did not break this chain of compatability. It was precisely this technical development that led almost all the other camera makers, except Nikon, to abandon their more or less consistently pursued idea of compatibility. The modern F4 with its fascinating technical possibilities allows even the oldest F-type lenses to be used - with a few exemptions; and vice-versa. So it`s no wonder that Nikon products are as popular as ever.

Nikon offers the most extensive professional camera system in the world
Nikon offers the most extensive professional
camera system in the world. Appropriate
accessories are available even for unusual

It cannot have come as a surprise either that the Nikon system - due to its openness to even the most extraordinary accessories - is second to none in terms of intricacy and versatility. In addition, whereas the array of products was initially mainly aimed at professionals, the program has long since been expanded to include camera models and further equipment of widespread popularity. It is obvious that such a system can only be fully understood and utilised by those completely informed about every part as well as all the possible combinations.

This book`s goal is to supply you with just this information - a general account of every single Nikon product within its scope from the very beginning to the present. We intend this to be a description of the individual camera models, lenses, and accessories as well as an outline of the countless combinations possible between them. We have included within the Compendium many detailed tables to illustrate this. In addition to the individual descriptions, the tables will quickly supply you with reliable answers to even the unusual questions which neccessarily arise in the face of such a number of combinations. This precise information will put you in the position to rule out any uncertainty in the event of future acquisitions and enable you to make use of every one of the features of your Nikon equipment. It would indeed be too bad if you were only able to take advantage of just a fraction of its fascinating possibilities.

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