Handbook of the Nikon System

The name 'Nikon' means the same in any language - a universal camera system that is unique in its scope, reliability and, above all, in its continuity for over thirty years. An investment in Nikon is indeed an investment for life.
The authors of the Nikon Compendium have provided in one book a most comprehensive guide to this vast Nikon system. It will be an invaluable companion to any Nikon owner, whether a user of new or old equipment, or a collector of those Nikon SLR camera which are fast becoming classics.
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Here is the guide that describes virtually every Nikon item available on the market, aids identification, gives tips on using it, and explains just what fits with which. The book also describes the limitations of usage are when cameras, lenses or accessories from one generation are married to items from another.


Nikon System online
On over 600 pages and with more than 800 images, Nikon System online informs you in german language about the early rangefinder cameras, the entire reflex system from the first F to the F100, the Nikonos underwater camera system and the first Nikon digital cameras, with technical data to all cameras, Nikkor lenses and possible combinations of all important accessories.



Chapter 1
The Early Years 1917 - 1958

The way it all began
The rangefinder cameras
Nikon M - Two more millimetres
Nikon SP - Preparing for the F
Nikkorex - The unknown Nikon

Chapter 2
The F-Series
Nikon F
The serial number reveals
  the date of manufacture
Nikon F2
Nikon F2 Titan
Nikon F2 Data
Nikon F2 H
Nikon F3
Incorporating the electronics
  in the body
Nikon F3 HP
Nikon F3 T
Nikon F3 P
Nikon F3 AF
Nikon F4
The first F-model with autofocus
Nikon F4S and F4E

Chapter 3
The Nikkormat-Models
Nikkormat FT
Nikkormat FS
Nikkormat FTN
Nikkormat FT-2
Nikkormat FT-3
Nikkormat EL
Nikkormat ELW
Nikon EL-2

Chapter 4
The Modern Classics
Nikon FM
Nikon FE
Nikon FM-2
Nikon FE-2
Nikon FA

Chapter 5
The Nikons for Everyman
Nikon EM
Nikon FG
Nikon FG-20

Chapter 6
The New Generation
Nikon F-301 or N2000
New features, new design
Nikon F-501 / N2020
Nikon F-401 / N4004
Nikon F-401s / N4004s
Nikon F-401x / N5005
Nikon F-801 / N8008
Nikon F-801s / N8008s
Nikon F-601 / N6006
Nikon F-601M / N6000
Nikon F-90 / N90
Bambus im Rhein-Main-Gebiet

Chapter 7
The Accessory System
Viewfinder and viewfinder systems
Exposure meters for the Nikon F
The first Photomic
Nikon`s typical back and forth
Photomics for the F2
Viewfinders for the F3
Viewfinders for the F4
Special viewfinders for the F-models
Action Finder
Magnification Finder
Viewfinder accessories
Interchangeable focusing screens
Aperture control attachments
Motor-winder AW-1
Motor-drives for FM, FE, and FA
Motor-drives for EM, FG, and FG-20
Motor-drive accessories
Remote-control units
Camera backs
Camera backs for bulk film
Multi-control backs
Nikon close-up accessories
Close-up lenses
Extension rings
Bellows attachments
General accessories

Chapter 8
The Speedlights
From flashbulbs to electronic flash
Flashguns in the Nikon system
SB-1 to SB-10
The TTL era
The multiflash system
Adaptors for every feasible combination

Chapter 9
The Lenses
The Nikon bayonet
The A-type
The C-type
The K-type
The N-type
The Ai-S-type
The E-series
The AF-type
Characteristics of Nikon lenses
Standard lenses
Wide-angle lenses
Telephoto lenses
Mirror lenses
Zoom lenses
Standard zooms
Wideangle zooms
Special-purpose lenses
Fisheye lenses
Shift lenses
AF- Teleconverter
Filters and lens accessories
Filters for black-and-white photography
Filters for colour photography
Special-purpose filters
Miscellaneous lens accessories

Chapter 10
The Nikonos Program
From the Calypso to the Nikonos RS
The last model in the Calypso design
Nikonos-IV: a new concept
The problems solved: Nikonos-V
The underwater-SLR: Nikonos-RS
Nikonos Speedlights

All Nikon SLR-Cameras at a glance
All Nikon lenses at a glance
Battery requirements
Nikon letter-codes



Nikon Compendium
Handbook of the Nikon System

by Rudolf Hillebrand and Hans-Joachim Hauschild

Hardbound. 7-5/8 x 10''. 198 pp.
over 220 clear photos

ISBN 1-897802-02-1

First English Edition April 1993

Hove Books
34 Church Road, Hove
East Sussex BN3 2GJ

Copyright © 1993 English language edition by Hove Books
Copyright © 1991 German edition by Verlag Photographie AG, CH-8201 Schaffhausen

English translation: Rolf Krueger
Editor: Dennis Laney
Design and typesetting: Facing Pages
Cover photo: Erwin Stegmann
Printed in Wales by Macdermott & Chant Ltd., Welshpool

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